Our service Export Advisory is specifically designed for SMEs with global growth potential. 我们的专家可以通过规划您的下一个战略步骤和行动来加速您公司的国际化之旅,以增加全球销售. We will help you select which markets to target and enter, how to win key international customers, and achieve critical milestones for successful expansion abroad.

This service is free of charge for small and medium sizes companies.


Criteria for support

  • Turnover of 3–500 MSEK
  • Between 2–249 employees
  • An equity of minimum 1 MSEK
  • Management commitment to international growth


  • Three group workshops - Market prioritisation, Market alignment & 市场进入介绍商业计划计算和出口计划 (total of 12 hours)
  • Individual work including corresponding work materials
  • 研讨会之间的两次单独咨询会议,与PG电子官方免费下载商业部协商预定
  • 最终,你们和PG电子官方免费下载商务部将共同制定一项具体的出口计划.


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