Indonesia is expected to become the eight largest economy in the world by 2030, with a booming middle-class, GDP growth rates of around five to six per cent over the last ten years, and vast potential for Swedish investors.

Over 100 Swedish companies operate in Indonesia across a wide range of industries including energy, construction, consumer goods, transport, and healthcare. Over half of respondents to the survey expect future positive performances and to increase investment.

The Swedish brand plays a key role for a vast number of Swedish companies and for Swedish companies looking to Indonesia, cost efficiency, brand awareness, and partners are the top three factors to consider to maintain competitivess. 

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This Business Climate Survey maps the opportunities and challenges that Swedish companies face in Indonesia and was conducted during spring 2021.

About the survey

The Business Climate Survey is produced on an annual basis by Team Sweden, a joint initiative where Business Sweden collaborates with Sweden’s local embassies, consulates and chambers of commerce around the world.

The survey provides first-hand perspectives and insights into business trends, issues and challenges in global markets based on extensive interviews with Swedish companies operating in each respective country.